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There is a simple way to be happier. Take turns sharing stories about times when you were happy and when you made someone else happy. Here are more Eye-Opening Conversation starters.
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Individual Consultancy

Individual consultancy helps people to:


Confront issues and people positively


Be effective at influencing, particularly upwards


Involve their staff


Exercise leadership


Be effective in meetings


Have good relationships with key people


Have more self confidence


Solve stubborn management problems


Create a clear and effective strategy


Be excellent time managers                                  


The method


Individual consultancy provides a focused, personal, positive and confidential service to help people with these issues. They think through their own needs and situation and come to their own conclusions. Most people feel more comfortable with one person than a group. It is also easier to meet specific needs. I create a supportive and trusting atmosphere that enables people to express their thoughts and feelings openly.


Sometimes people have referred themselves for this service. In others, an organisation has referred a person when, for example, someone has identified a block to the person's progress. The response of clients and their managers has been positive. Clients report that they are more relaxed, more energetic, the original issue is fixed and that working with other people in the organisation is easier. Their managers find them more constructive too.


A quotation from a client


“Nick's approach of holding the mirror so you can reflect on your challenges with firm but gentle prompting from a lifetime's experience of engineering and delivering change has meant that we have worked well together for 10 years. I regard him as a friend and father confessor. I am always energised and uplifted by our sessions. His unique approach as coach, guide and consultant suits me well”


Peter Allanson, Department of Health


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Using these materials
I am entirely happy for you to use or draw on any these materials in any way you think will be helpful. I am keen to have my work, and the work of the people I have learned from, used.  


The language on this site is correct UK English throughout. There are differences in spelling and meaning between UK and US English. The context should make the material understandable in the US.

Further Information

There are free articles, exercises, designs, book references and links to other sources about many aspects of personal, team, management and organisation development on this website. I will add other resources as I learn what you want.

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