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There is a simple way to be happier. Take turns sharing stories about times when you were happy and when you made someone else happy. Here are more Eye-Opening Conversation starters.
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Ezines - by Date
This free ezine has developmental ideas and tools that I hope you will find useful. If you have developmental issues you would like me to cover, please say so in the feedback box or call me.
Practical Developmental Ideas - Longer Range April 2008
These are a few longer-range ideas. I hope they may inspire you to action.
Practical Developmental Ideas #B8 Ezine February 2007
We live in a world of intense threat and great opportunity. This is also true at the smaller scale of an organisation. We will only make progress by working together. So building community is vital.
Practical Developmental Ideas #B7 Ezine September 2006
This explores this paradox that we spend our time doing, but are happiest and most effective being. It suggests some ways we can heal this split
Practical Developmental Ideas #B6 May 2006
Everyone has a unique central strength, a "flame". This note shows how to strengthen our flames so we can shine more brightly.
Practical Developmental Ideas #B5 September 2005
This ezine gives some examples of positive ways to think about, our lives, work and world and some sources of positive inspiration.
Practical Developmental Ideas #B4 August 2005
Attention is wonderful to receive and rewarding to give, but there is not much of it around in our busy lives. This ezine gives a few ideas about how to have more.
Practical Developmental Ideas #B3 July 2005
This ezine is about the power of being authentic and the impact we can have just by being ourselves.
Practical Developmental Ideas #B2 May 2005
This is about fun and learning. It has some ideas about how to make learning events and the organisation more fun and more creative.
Practical Developmental Ideas #B1 March 2005
This issue is about ways to involve employees. People who work for organisations often have ideas and thoughts that could make all the difference but they don't express them. This note gives some practical ways to release them.
Practical Developmental Ideas #A9 January 2005
This issue is about developing strategy. A strategy will help you get from where you are now to where you want to be.
Practical Developmental Ideas #A8 December 2004
This issue has some ideas on what a developmental culture is and how we can develop one. In a developmental culture, learning happens easily without you having to drive it.
Practical Developmental Ideas #A7 November 2004
This issue is about the design of learning events. There are some principles and methods that can make learning events enjoyable and productive. When they work, learning events can make a big difference to an organisation. When they don't, they create cynicism that is very hard to shift.
Practical Developmental Ideas #A6 October 2004
This issue is about accelerating learning. I have wondered for a long time how infants learn so fast and what we could do to keep learning as fast as they do.
Practical Developmental Ideas #A5 September 2004
This issue is about how releasing creativity. I don't agree with the conventional view that only a few "special" people can be creative. There is a lot we can do to help release creativity from everyone, including ourselves.
Practical Developmental Ideas #A4 August 2004
This issue is about how to handle and resolve conflict. We often see conflict as destructive and it can be if mishandled. When you handle conflict well it can lead to magnificent creativity and growth.
Practical Developmental Ideas #A3 June/July 2004
This is about the causes of emotional blocks that can affect any area of a person's work or life. It gives some ways to remove them, illustrated with examples.
Practical Developmental Ideas #A2 April/May 2004
This is about how we can increase the gearing and impact of the development work we do.
Practical Developmental Ideas #A1 March 2004
This issue is about managing performance. This depends on the person, their manager, colleagues, and the organisation.
Practical Developmental Ideas #9 January/February 2004
This gives some ideas about rest and renewal and asks for your thoughts too.
Practical Developmental Ideas #8 December 2003
This gives some ideas about how to eliminate work so you can release time for development.
Practical Developmental Ideas #7 November 2003
This discusses how to grow the spirit of an organisation, team or individual using practical methods.
Practical Developmental Ideas #6 September/October 2003
This talks about the value of appreciation and gives some ideas and exercises for increasing the amount of in the organisation.
Practical Developmental Ideas #5 August 2003
This gives some thoughts and methods for developing everybody in an organisation rather than the critical few.
Practical Developmental Ideas #4 July 2003
This discusses the value of listening and gives some ways of having more of it in organisations. It gives links to information on two-way helping, see coconsulting and cocounselling for more.
Practical Developmental Ideas #3 June 2003
This gives some ideas for making meetings more effective and enjoyable. It also gives links to other sources that you will find thought provoking.
Practical Developmental Ideas #2 May 2003
This has two pieces on extending teamwork further to include team building between teams and groups. It has two outline designs for workshops that you can adapt.
Practical Developmental Ideas #1 April 2003
This is about extending team working to look at teams of two, e.g. managers and secretaries and team working across systems.
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